Facts About The 5 Most Hated School Subjects That Might Change Your Mind About Them

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Are you in school and having difficulties with certain subjects? Well, as it happens, everyone has subjects
that always seem to be a challenge to grasp, or that they simply don't enjoy.

I will touch on the subjects that are most commonly disliked by students in this post, and will mention some facts about each of these subjects that might change your mind about them.


disliking subjects in school

Different students have different interests and passions--this has been a known fact since the beginning of teaching and schooling. Everyone has to take classes that they don't enjoy, or that don't align with what they'd like to pursue as a career later in life.

Simply because you are not interested in a subject, however, does not mean that you are destined to fail. Here is some information about some of the most commonly hated subjects in school that might make them a bit more bearable.

1. math

Yes, I know most that of you will agree with me on this: maths is a topic that most students would prefer to skip.

Students' hatred of the subject may go so far as to developing a fear of simply being in the class. Have you ever been in a math class and the teacher was explaining a particular concept and everyone else in the class would seem to get it but you? I have been there! And when the teacher would ask the class a question, everyone would have their hands up except you. If you've ever felt this way, you're not alone!

Sometimes, it may lead to having feelings of inadequacy or even feeling that everyone around you is smart but you. This, however, is not the way to approach math.

To make math more bearable, just remember that as you progress further in your studies, the calculations become simpler and more understandable. With enough effort and dedication, you'll be a math pro! It just takes time and patience.

2. physical education

Another contentious subject is physical education. When I was still in school, my friends and I couldn’t seem to find the correlation between P.E. and having a career.

Now that I am way past my teenage years, I wish I had put a little more effort into the class. Even though you may not want to have a career in fitness and health, you still need to be healthy for you to live your life to the fullest. If you can make that little extra effort to take part in the activities during P.E., you will realize that it is fun to run a few miles, stretch your joints, skip rope, etc.

You are not in the Olympics, and no one expects you to be perfect. Let your body relax and train your muscles. It is a step towards living a healthy lifestyle.

3. science

There are those that delight and look forward to the chemistry, biology or physics classes while others would wish to become invisible during science class, if given the chance.

Science homework was the worst during my high school years. If we were given physics homework, I would not understand one bit of it. Over time, however, I realized that it wasn’t that I couldn’t understand physics but that I
only had a negative attitude towards it.

Try changing the way you approach science. Find ways to make the subject fun!

There are also many free resources that can help you tackle science! Things like Khan Academy, a physics homework solver and more can help you learn complex ideas!

4. history

Personally, I loved my history classes, but I had friends who never liked the subject.

Some students would say it was the way the subject was taught that they didn't like, or the teacher's way of explaining things, which didn’t make any sense at all. Other students just don't love long stories or
theories, and they would feel like they had to cram for the exams.

It is important to learn about the past because even in modern lives, our past affects the present. Learning how we got our independence will help you to appreciate the freedoms that we now enjoy. You may even realize that you would like to advocate for the rights of others who may not be able to enjoy what you have.

Try to realize the importance of learning from the past, and it may help you further your own life!

5. foreign language

Well, students are divided over these subjects. Some students love to explore and learn about a new culture, while others simply don't find the idea of learning a new language very appealing.

At the moment, you may not see the importance of an individual subject but with time, your perception may change. Some of the subjects that you study in high school may be laying a foundation to what you will pursue in college and even after.

Here's a helpful article that includes 10 tips to help you learn a new language!


When you perceive studies as more than just a foundation for your career, you will come to enjoy the different concepts of various subjects, and how they may intertwine at certain points, and time in life.

If even after keeping all these in mind, and you simply do not get it, ask for help from those who get it or use online services and many other sites that are available to you.

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Amily Watson works as a content manager. She specializes in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobbies are yoga, reading and blogging. Amily's life motto is "Believe you can, and you're halfway there."


Amily Watson

Amily Watson works as a content manager. She specializes in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobbies are yoga, reading and blogging. Amily's life motto is "Believe you can, and you're halfway there."