How to Start a Successful Studyblr (+ Why You Need One!)

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Starting a studyblr was one of the best choices I ever made as a student.

For those of you who are new to the idea, a studyblr is an account on Tumblr that is dedicated entirely or almost entirely to study-related posts regarding student life. Photos of study spaces, notes and stationery, as well as informational “masterposts” on various topics can be found on these studyblr accounts.

If you haven’t already started a studyblr of your own, then I highly recommend that you do! There are countless benefits to starting a studyblr, many of which I will be covering in this post.

Keep on reading to learn why you need a studyblr, and how exactly to set up your own successful studyblr!

how to start a successful studyblr

Why You Need A Studyblr


As a student, it’s easy to get discouraged or feel uninspired throughout the year. During these slumps, I’ve found it immensely useful to browse through various studyblrs to regain my motivation, as inspiration and encouragement is plentiful throughout the studyblr community.

From gorgeous photos to sweet quotes to an all-around amazing community of students, studyblrs are a great way to motivate yourself to face your work with newfound effort.

But I mean, honestly, can you look at the photos below and not have the sudden urge to take pretty notes?

@studywithinspo | @studywithmotivation | @studyquill

Informational Masterposts

One of the most valuable parts of the studyblr community is the amount of helpful and actionable information that is so easily accessible.

“Masterposts” are essentially posts on Tumblr that compile a plethora of tips, resources and information surrounding a certain topic.

These masterposts vary in subject matter from note-taking to stationery recommendations to self-care to more targeted topics, like resources for students in medical school or helpful websites for students learning French.

I have gained so much knowledge from these many masterposts, and believe that they are something that all students should have access to. Real-life advice from real students is sometimes hard to come by, and it is so readily available on Tumblr via these guides and informational posts.

Study Groups + Study Buddies

The studyblr community has got to be one of the most caring, kind and welcoming communities out there. Every interaction I’ve had with another studyblr has been wonderful, and I truly do not have the words to describe how simply amazing everyone is.

One of the most helpful uses I have found for Tumblr as a studyblr is the ease at which I can form study groups or meet study buddies! Since the studyblr community is so large, there are so many people of so many different ages and backgrounds and origins, studying so many different topics at so many different paces.

I love connecting with other studyblrs my age, who are learning similar topics, or who are just willing to lend a helping hand and help others learn certain concepts.

The forming of study groups and the sharing of study advice and motivation is one of the best things I have experienced on Tumblr, and I highly recommend that if you start a studyblr of your own, that you take advantage of this!

How to Start a Studyblr

Make An Account + Choose A Username/URL

Hopefully by now, I’ve convinced you to at least try starting a studyblr! If so, keep on reading to follow along with my step-by-step guide for starting your very own successful studyblr!

The first thing you’ll want to do is head to the Tumblr website and create an account.

When it comes time to choose a username/URL, however, you’ll want to think it through a bit more carefully. Although it can be changed later on, it’s nice to choose a good username up front so that you won’t have to go around changing it later.

Most studyblr usernames have certain traits and characteristics that make them easily recognizable as a studyblr account. For example, many studyblrs use words like “study” or “academic” or “notes” or “revision” in their usernames.

Here are just some general “templates” that you might want to try out when thinking of your username:

  • Choose a study-related word and stick another word (or two) in front of or after it. For example, @studyquill uses the word “quill” after the word “study” because it relates to one of her favorite fandoms, Harry Potter. And @emmastudies uses her name in front of the word “studies.”

  • If a username that you’d like to use is already taken, try playing around with the letters in some of the words. For example, @stuhde uses a cute spelling of the word “study” for a unique and memorable username. Also, @eintsein used this trick to develop her own clever URL. For my own username, @brainiakk, I changed the “c” at the end of the word “brainiac” to a pair of “k”’s.

  • Consider using a unique and uncommon word either as your username or within your username! One of my favorite studyblrs, @ennui-for-me uses the interesting word, “ennui” in her username, which means “a sense of restlessness or boredom.”

Create An Icon

Your icon is one of the most important aspects of your Tumblr profile. The way that most people will recognize your studyblr when your posts pop up in their feeds is by looking at and remembering your icon!

Having a memorable, eye-catching, and visually appealing icon is extremely important in gaining new followers as well. An attractive icon can be the make-or-break factor that determines whether or not someone follows you.

Your icon should relate generally to either your URL or to the topic of studying in general. For example, @nerdybun uses a cute icon of a bunny wearing glasses, which perfectly represents her username. And @study-cave uses an icon of the ever-popular Kanken backpack, which immediately signifies to a viewer that her blog is a studyblr.


If you’d like an simple, free icon, check out some posts under the tag #studyblricons on Tumblr. Many of the posts under this tag include icons that can be easily downloaded and instantly used as your icon.

However, be sure to read the terms of use before using them! It is common for people who post free icons to require some sort of “payment,” whether it be a reblog, a follow, or an attribution.


But if you’d like to go down the more DIY route, then I’d suggest checking out some websites like Flaticon, Creative Market (where they offer 6 free graphics elements per week--like icons!) and The Noun Project.

Downloading icons from these websites comes with it’s own set of terms and conditions, but once you’ve downloaded the icons, you can easily open up a graphic design program (a great free graphics program is Pixlr) and plop your icon on top of a background.

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even try creating your own icon--from scratch! Although this can be a bit daunting, I promise you that it’s actually not that difficult!

Many studyblrs use what is called a “flat icon” as their icon. A flat icon is essentially an icon that is composed entirely of various shapes. This makes it quite simple to create your own icons in your graphic design program of choice. I personally use Affinity Designer to create my icons, but you can definitely use a program like PicMonkey or Adobe Illustrator to make an icon as well! And if you decide to make your own flat icon, then here’s a quick tutorial I’ve written on how I make my own icons!


A theme is essentially a set of cute clothes that you can dress your studyblr in. By default, your Tumblr blog likely looks pretty dull and boring. But you can easily spice up your blog by installing a free theme.

Themes allow for your viewers to look through your blog more easily. Various themes offer different features, but in general, themes help your viewers navigate through pages and find certain posts or pieces of information.

Some of my favorite theme developers include:

If you don’t find a theme that you like from one of the developers above, however, you can try looking online by Googling something along the lines of “free tumblr themes.”

To install your theme, you’ll want to:

  1. Go to Tumblr and click on “Edit Appearance” under your user settings

  2. Click on “Edit Theme”

  3. Once in the “Customize” view, click on the link that says “Edit HTML” underneath the thumbnail preview of your blog.

  4. Find the HTML code for the theme you’d like to install on your blog.

  5. Copy and paste that HTML code into the “Edit HTML” box on your blog and hit save!

Once your theme is installed, you may want to customize it further by changing around the colors and fonts in that same “Customize” view that you entered in order to install the theme.

Introductory Post

Alright, so by now, you should have 1) an awesome username/URL; 2) a snazzy studyblr icon; 3) a functional and cute theme.

Got it all? Awesome. Let’s proceed. 😉

The best way to immediately get out into the studyblr community is to post an introductory post! An introductory post essentially is just a post that contains some basic information about you and your new studyblr.

In your introductory post, try to include some information like:

  • Your Tumblr handle and URL
  • Your name, age/grade level/major/college or university
  • Your interests, and some fun facts about you

Also, try and mention some of the types of things you’ll be posting on your studyblr. Will you be posting mostly original content? Photos of study spaces or of pretty notes? Motivational quotes? Free printables?

At the end of your introductory post, it can also be a good idea to tag some of your favorite studyblrs. Anyone that you look up to, have been following for awhile, or whose content you appreciate is a great person to tag! The people you tag will usually be notified that you’ve tagged them, and may reblog or like your post!

And if you’re new to the studyblr community and don’t know anyone to tag, never fear! Another way to quickly gain exposure as a new studyblr is to tag your posts with hashtags like #studyblr, #studyspo, #studyspiration and so on. But the most important hashtag to use on your introductory post is #newstudyblr, as many people track this hashtag to welcome new studyblrs, and using this hashtag is a great way to get your first few followers.

If you’d like to tag me, @brainiakk in your introductory post, I’d love to reblog your post and perhaps give your account a follow!

What To Post (Original Content)

Most likely, one of the main ways you'll fill your studyblr will be with reblogged content from other studyblrs. After following a few studyblr accounts, your dashboard should be filled with tons of study-related posts that you can then reblog onto your own studyblr.

However, the absolute best way to attract a following on Tumblr as a studyblr is to post original content. Whether it be photos of your notes, your study space, or even free study-related printables, original content is always especially popular in the studyblr community. If people like your original content, they’ll be very likely to follow you as a result!


If you plan on taking photos of your notes or study space, I have a few quick tips to give you!

The most popular studyblr photos are the ones that have good lighting, are visually appealing, and that are edited well. I use apps like Snapseed, Color Story, Facetune (for whitening backgrounds) and VSCO to edit my studyblr photos.

Many popular photos also have an “aesthetic” feel to them, meaning that they are eye-catching, thoughtfully organized, and have strong visual elements. Having good lighting, placing your props and items carefully, and editing your photo well can all help make your photos more aesthetically appealing.

Another way that studyblrs make their photos look nice is by using certain minimalistic stationery. Of course, you don’t need to have certain pens or notebooks or sticky notes to take great and popular photos, but in case you’re curious as to what these popular stationery items are, here is a list of some of the most popular studyblr stationery items:

And as I mentioned before, be sure to tag all of your original posts with #studyblr, #studyspo, #studyspiration and any other study-related hashtags that you may come across!

Good Luck!

Whew! That was a doozy!

But I sincerely hope that this post was helpful in guiding you through the steps of starting a successful studyblr, and that you found it informational and useful!

If you’d like to chat on Tumblr, be sure to shoot me a message over @brainiakk, and I’ll definitely respond.

Remember to not be afraid to reach out to tons of different studyblrs now that you’ve joined the community! Everyone is incredibly kind, and even the most “famous” of studyblrs are still available to answer your questions.

I wish you good luck in your studyblr adventures!

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